Prof. Limin Wu



"Cheung Kong" Professor of Department of Materials Science and State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers, Director of the Advanced Coatings Research Center of Ministry of Education of China, Fudan University

Tel: 86-21-6564-3795


Address: 220 Handan Rd., postcode: 200433



1988-1991  Zhejiang University, PhD Major in Polymeric Materials

1985-1988  Hubei University, Master Major in Polymeric Materials

1981-1985  Hubei University, Bachelor Major in Chemistry



2000-present  Professor (2000), Director of Coatings Research Center of Ministry of Education of China (2001), Dean of Department of Materials Science (2006.6-2015.1), "Cheung Kong" Distinguished Professor appointed by Ministry of Education of China (2008), Fudan University.

1998-1999  Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science of Fudan University

1994-1998   Visiting Scholar, Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Pennsylvania State University

1991-1994   Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor in Macromolecular Science Institute of Zhongshan University



Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Colloidal Spheres; Functional resins and Coatings




·         1. Sci. & Tech. Invention Silver Award in 2009 Honored by People's Republic of China. "High-Solid Acrylic Resin and Its Application"

·         2. Sci. & Tech. Invention Golden Award in 2008 Honored by Ministry of Education of China. "Novel Preparation Technology of Organic-Inorganic Nano Hybrid Acrylic Resins and Their Coatings"

·         3. "Cheung Kong" Professor in 2008 Honored by Ministry of Education of China.

·         4. Sci. &Tech. Golden Award in 2008 Honored by Shanghai municipality. "High-Solid Acrylic Resin and Its Application"

·         5. Sci. &Tech. Golden Award in 2008 Honored by Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. "High-Solid Acrylic Resin and Its Industrialization"

·         6. Sci. & Tech. Invention Golden Award in 2005 Honored by Shanghai municipality. "Novel Preparation Technology of Nano Structure Functional Coatings"

·         7. Top 10 Sci. & Tech. Elites of Shanghai in 2013

·         8. Hundred Talents Project National Candidates in 2013

·       Natrual Science Golden Award in 2014 Honored by Shanghai municipality. "Preparation, Assembly and Properties of Polymer/Inorganic Hybrid Colloidal Spheres"


Selected Publications (IF>10)


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(More papers can be seen in "Achievement" column)