Prof. Bo You



Bo You

Professor of Department of Materials Science and the Advanced Coatings Research Center of Ministry of Education of China,Fudan University. She has published 70 academic papers (published in Advanced Functional Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Macromolecules, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Langmuir, Journal of Sol-gel Science and Technology,Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, and etc.) and applied 50 China patents (29 Granted Patent), one US patent (Granted Patent) and two European patents.


Research Interests

Environment-friendly and functional resins and coatings; organic-inorganic hybrid materials ; photoelectric functional materials


Selected Publications


1.Fang Li, Yingchun Zhu*, Bo You*, Donghui Zhao, Qichao Ruan, Yi Zeng, Chuanxian Ding,. “Smart Hydrogels co-Switched by Hydrogen Bond and π-π Stacking for Continuously Regulated Controlled-Release System”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2010, 20, 1–8

2.Bo You, Nangeng Wen, Lei Shi, Limin Wu, Jian Zi, “Facile Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Colloidal Crystal Film with Large-Area and Robust Mechanical Properties”, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2009, 19, 35943597

3.Bo You, Lei Shi, Nangeng Wen, Limin Wu, Jian Zi, “A Facile Method for Fabrication of Ordered Porous Polymer Films”, Macromolecules, 2008, 41: 6624-6626

4.Bo You, Nangen Wen, Shuxue Zhou, Limin Wu, Dongyuan Zhao., “Facile method for fabrication of nanocomposite films with ordered porous surface”, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2008, 112, 7706-7712.

5.Yichen Cao, Bo You*, Limin Wu*, “Facile Fabrication of Hollow Polymer Microspheres through Phase-Inversion Method”, Langmuir, 2010, 26(9):6115

6.Zhehong Shen, Yue Zhu, Limin Wu*, Bo You*, Jian Zi,. “Fabrication of Robust Crystal Balls from the Electrospray of Soft Polymer Spheres / Silica Dispersion”, Langmuir, 2010, 26(9): 6604-6609.



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